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As outlined in our principles, our main aim is to encourage participation in the RSGB contests, particularly the 80m Club Championships, the 80m Club Sprints and the VHF/UHF Activity Contests. There is a wealth of experience within our membership both in general operating and contest operating (from LF right up to microwave frequencies)  and any new member can draw on that experience. The photos below give some indication of activities that members have been involved in.

VHF NFD  2016

TWCG operated portable (using the club callsign MW0TWC/P) from a good site in Mid Wales. Operating in the ‘Open’ section of the contest TWCG were placed in very creditable fourth position.

Left - GW4BVE & M0RKX  attaching 4m beam.

Right - Guyed 4m mast and antenna.

Below - M0RKX operating on 4m.

UKAC  2016

TWCG did extremely well in this series of activity contests, with first places in 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz and 1.2GHz sections and second place on 432MHz. The only reason we took second place overall rather than first place was due to our lack of SHF operators - a situation that is currently being addressed.

Left - Mike G4BLH/P operating on 23cms from IO84.

Social Gatherings

With group members being drawn from all over the U.K. organising social events in not easy. Never-the-less, there have been gatherings of group members at RSGB conventions and AGMs, at radio rallies and, needless to say, occasionally at the pub !!

Left - Club members in a bar in Manchester just prior to the 2014 RSGB AGM held at the Renaissance Hotel.

L to R - G8HXE, G3KAF, GW8ASD, G8XYJ and G0PEB

Right - Club members accepting the G6NB trophy at the 2014 RSGB Convention held in Milton Keynes.

L to R - GW4BVE, G0PEB, G3WKL - RSGB President, GW8ASD, G7RAU and G8HXE

The friendly contest group .....for all radio amateurs who want to be involved with contesting, but who don't have a local club or whose club isn't active in contesting, TWCG offers an opportunity for both new and experienced contesters to join a leading UK contest group and to be involved from anywhere in the UK.         

                  Why not join us?? - Email secretary@twcg.org.uk

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